Creative projects, scholarly work, and professional appointments.


Small Box with a Revolver

2 Actors – Comedy – Full Length

Gene and Sam wake up in a room without any clue to their location other than the strange box in the middle of the room.

Remembering “Abbie B”

5 Actors – Drama – Full Length

Based on a true story, Ralph, who is convinced that he has Alzheimers, tries to write a book about his late wife before his memory completely fades.

Into the Jungle

3 Actors – Comedy – Full Length

Doug and Samantha turn to Dr. Thurson and his radical method of counseling to fix their unhappy marriage.

Nazi on a Beach

4 Actors – Comedy – Full Length

Four singles cruisers wash up on a deserted island and try to build their own society before discovering that they were accompanied by a man dressed in full Nazi uniform.

Don’t Mention It

2 Actors – Comedy – 10 Minute

Beth returns home to see Jean and many of her own belongings strewn across the yard and elephant in their home.

Dinner as a Family

5 Actors – Drama – 10 Minute

The “perfect” American family comes home and has dinner as a school shooting plays out on TV.

Scholarly Work

Structuralism and the Films of Bong Joon Ho

An examination of the structure of Parasite and Mother and their success in an American dominated industry.

Appraising Alex

An exploration of gender inclusivity through writing, direction, and performance co-written with Stephen G. Tabor and McCall Logan.

Professional Appointments

One-to-One Paraeducator

Brookside Elementary


Drama Assistant

Shorewood High School


Graduate Assistant

Southern Illinois University Department of Theater

Production Intern

Parley Productions